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02-03 Dec 2021

Stella Merlin, Valerio Pisaniello, Alfredo Rizza, «Restsprachen» in Anatolia antica: tra fonti dirette, indirette e ricostruzione, at the conference "Ricostruire lingue: dalle Restsprachen alle endangered languages", Venice, Aula Baratto.

05 Oct 2021

Alvise Matessi's paper "Šumma ana Hattim lū ana mātim: Considerations on Hatti and neighboring lands during the 2nd millennium BCE", conference "Costeggiando l'Eurasia", Rome.

16 Apr 2021

V. PIsaniello's paper "Looking for synchronic variation in Hittite" at the workshop "Journée d'étude 'Jeune chercheurs Asie Mineure' ".

09 Apr 2021

F. Giusfredi and A. Matessi's paper "Non-Luvo-Hittite Anatolia in the Bronze age" at the ICAANE conference.